Looking forward: longer skirts, colored stripes from J.Crew
The styling is very clean and crisp for spring and summer and colors are almost Miami in intensity which is hard to resist in winter weather. This year’s resolution is to try petite sizes in the skirts and see if vintage color palette work in this year’s mix.

Looking back: winter sweaters from J.Crew
Had a mixed reception about one of the sweaters from fall. Personally, I really liked the different shapes. Novelty sweaters were close fit or boxy but they had a lot of silhouettes that you could play with. Hadley went wonderfully with the high waist wide leg pants and the boxy cuts were great with heeled shoes and minnies. 2010 lookbook is still inspiring in its length, shape and texture ideas.

Sizing differences: intentional or not
Particularly in shirts, sizing down may look better if you wear the shirt as a standalone piece. For layering, the usual size seems to have a lot more flexibility from 2011 and 2010 at least. I’m curious if that will hold true with 2012 since the clean tailored look seems to go hand in hand with a more fitted look.