above: men’s tie, knee high socks

Missoni for Target launched on the 13th and sold out on the 15th and now I’m sure a lot is on Ebay. The accessories are all pretty neat. I love all the Men’s ties, the women’s brown and navy leggings, tights and knee high socks from Missoni. Though the men’s crew socks are pretty neat too.

above: Jcrew stripe tee, my favorite EB blazer, Target earrings

Also picked out a bunch of whimsical earrings to wear with my navy blazer. The rose silhouette reminded me of the Rose Chiffon tee from Jcrew that sold on Ebay for $1600. There are a few other great earrings in the fall collection that remind me of Monet in the 70s or Barcelona modern art jewelry. Sure, it isn’t quality stuff, but you can’t beat the under 10 buck price. Jcrew, Target, and Costco are a pretty powerful trifecta — almost all your shopping needs are taken care of!